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Patrick McDonnell, is the founder and developer of REAL WORLD STREET TRAINING which he founded in 1979-1980 . Patrick uses his 37 years of street training techniques to produce all of the incredible protection dogs that are protecting families and individuals all around the world today.


Every protection dog we sell, brings full deep hard bites. along with brutal hits and extreme head and body shaking and head cranking. All of our protection dogs use their entire bodies, front legs , back legs, shoulders, necks and heads to fight the bad guys and eliminate the threat, VERY QUICK.


The higher the fight drive in your protection dog, the better protection dog or protection dogs you will have. FIGHT DRIVE, is the single most important component in any real protection dog.


Patrick, is a MASTER PROTECTION DOG TRAINER with 37 years of selecting raising and building puppies and young dogs into high fight drive real protectors, that will not quit.


Watch our videos and look at the incredible head cranking and body shaking and notice how deep and full every dogs bite is, while also using their entire body to fight the bad guys.


Customers around the world, will never see the level of high fight and high protection abilities from any other protection dog facility or protection dog trainer, PERIOD.


Pretty pictures and championship dog sport titles, SCH I, II, III and fancy nonsense ten thousand word marketing language sites, means absolutely nothing in the real world of protection dogs. Don’t be fooled by these sport dog training clowns , who claim they are the best, SURE.


The cost for Patrick’s fully trained protection dogs range, between $35,000 and $65,000. Every single puppy and dog is custom trained using Patrick’s hands on street training techniques. as seen in our action pictures and on our protection dog videos.


World Wide Clientele

Ultimate K9 is the facility that real estate developers, business executives, athletes, entertainers, elite government police agencies and families World Wide, have turned to for decades to get their Real Protection Dogs.


Ultimate K9’s Guarantee

All of our clients are provided a video and action photographs of their personal protection dog, working in all phases of obedience, complete Street Training, and in home manners. None of our dogs will leave Ultimate k9 until we know for sure they are exactly what you need and we are completely satisfied. The action video and action photographs Guarantee that all of our clients have invested in a REAL PROTECTION DOG. Every dog leaves Ultimate k9 with a health certificate Guaranteeing your dog is in Premium condition.


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Protection Dogs for Sale - U.S. Kennel - Milwaukee, WI

Ultimate K9’s kennel in Southwest Germany has 5-10 protection dogs available at all times. Below are the dogs we have available at our kennel in Wisconsin.





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