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Ultimate K9 uses the finest Personal Protection Dog Breeds

Ultimate K9 works with five different breeds of protection dogs.

Patrick’s Street Training Method employs real-life situations that are experienced in the real world. This gives the dogs the best opportunity to react in the most appropriate way to any situation.


German Shepherd

German ShepherdThe German Shepherd is an extremely intelligent dog with incredible workability. The German Shepherd was developed originally for herding sheep throughout Germany. Due to their loyalty and protective nature, the German Shepherd is one of the most sought after dogs in the world. The German Shepherd dog truly is a wonderful animal and not only do they make good working dogs, they also make superb family pets. Police departments and military forces around the world use these incredible dogs because of their willingness to please their handlers. You will find these dogs to be great pets and great protection dogs. Due to their history, they are able to work large areas well, which makes them especially useful in the protection of large estates

Belgian Malinois

Belgian MalinoisThe Belgian Malinois is an alert, high energy working dog. The Belgian Malinois is also from the herding group, and are very intelligent and extremely trainable with a strong desire to work. Although the Malinois is sometimes mistaken for the German Shepherd dog, the Belgian Malinois is more of a stream lined, lighter boned breed. The Malinois has incredible agility and power for their size. Belgian Malinois’ are confident dogs that love their family members and are natural protectors.


RottweilerThe Rottweiler is first and foremost one of the oldest, if not the oldest, of herding breeds. The Rottweiler is a large size, heavy boned dog with abundant strength. Rottweilers are very intelligent dogs with a willingness to perform any type of work or service. The Rottweiler is self confident and will respond instantly to any confrontation before them. Rottweilers are used by police and military and make exceptional protection dogs. A common misconception about Rottweilers is their extreme aggressiveness and tendency towards unprovoked confrontation. While they have been on trial many times, it is an unfortunate, and undeserved reputation. Rottweiler’s- when treated well and trained properly, are extremely loving, obedient dogs.

Giant Schnauzer

Giant SchnauzerThe Giant Schnauzer is a large, powerful, confident dog with a rugged build. Giant Schnauzers are very loyal, loving dogs with a human like temperament. The Giant Schnauzer excels at obedience, agility, and protection work. As such, the Giant Schnauzer is predisposed to be a natural guard dog that is extremely personable and funny. Giant Schnauzer’s become very attached to their family members, and thu are great protection dogs as they will work to protect them at any cost.

American Pit Bull Terrier

American Pit Bull TerrierThe American Pit Bull Terrier is a medium sized dog with a short coat and well-defined muscle structure. The American Pit Bull is a very intelligent dog that is extremely loyal and has a high desire to please. The Pit Bull, a happy, loving family dog, is also a working dog and is suitable for a wide range of working disciplines and duties due to their high energy and endurance. In the United States they have been used as search and rescue dogs that save lives, general family dogs, police dogs, border patrol dogs, and hearing dogs to provide services to the deaf. Like the Rottweiler, Pit Bull’s have received undeserved negative publicity and reputation. If trained and treated well, they can be a great addition to any family.

Your personal protection trained dog can go anywhere that you or your family choose to go. They are trained with the utmost obedience and gentility, and only attack when a real threat presents itself. Your trained protection dog will be extremely alert to its surroundings whether you are walking in a gated community, county park, city street, or vacation setting. This training is achieved by exposing the personal protection dog to an unlimited amount of protection training scenarios while using confidence building techniques as developed by Ultimate K9.


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