Personal Protection Dogs

What is a personal protection dog? A personal protection dog is a dog that will protect you, your family or your business. Our personal protection dogs can be a companion to your children, accompany you to work, travel with you and much more. You can also have a pair (male and female) of protection dogs that will work together to protect you and your family. This pair of personal protection dogs can also be used for security to protect your business. All of our available personal protection dogs can be found on our website,, under the sales tab. If you do not see a personal protection dog that interests you, please contact us directly. We will definitely work with you to find the perfect personal protection dog.


Personal Protection Dogs vs. Security Systems

Although millions of people rely on their security systems, it still takes time for police to arrive. With a personal protection dog you will have immediate protection. While the alarm will trigger police to respond, your personal protection dog will already be guarding. A personal protection dog will respond to the threat of an intruder before you or your family can be hurt. A personal protection dog will instantly be barking to ward off the intruder. Should the intruder enter your home, your protection dog will hold the intruder at bay until the police arrive. A protection dog is the better answer.

Available Protection Dogs

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